How to update your REFU Inverter by using REFUset configuration tool

Power Supply for Firmware Upload

The before mentioned REFU inverters use the DC-power input to operate the intern power supply.
During firmware update this 24 V power supply is necessary.


The inverter is connected to the PV-Panels
and a minimum of one string is activ
with more than DC-300 V


The inverter is connected to the battery
with more than DC-300 V


The inverter has an external laboratory power supply with DC-300V.
This power supply with galvanic isolation needs a current limitation
to avoid the inrush current into the capacities.

Power Supply for Firmware Upload

Visit our website: and in the download area you can find REFUset configuration tool:

Download the setup file and install it in your computer.

You can also download the Firmware version of the inverter you want to update.

Please note that there are 3 different types of Firmware depending on the device type:

  • For Solar inverters REFUsol 08K…23K, REFUsol 40/46K & REFUsol 24/48K-UL → RFP_300-x-y-S
  • For Solar inverters REFUsol 100K → RFP_310-x-y-S
  • For REFUstore 50K/88K → RFP_310-x-y-S
Install REFUset and connect to inverter

Once the installation is made, connect your PC to inverter by using an Ethernet cable.

Then double click the icon in order to launch REFUset

Connection window opens:

  • Select the IP Address of the Inverter that you want to connect to
  • Click “Ok” icon

Note: PC and Inverter must be under the same Local Network

Check Network Connections à Ethernet à Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)

The communication is only possible with one inverter. But it is possible to open multiple windows of REFUset.

Main window REFUset

REFUset is connecting to inverter and main window opens.

On left side you can see basic data of the inverter:

  • Type
  • Firmware version installed
  • Serial Number
  • MAC-Adress
  • Country settings
  • Grid voltage

On right side you can see current status of the inverter

Firmware Update

Using Menu bar navigate to:
Extras → Firmware Update

Selecting Firmware package (.rfwps)

Using “Browse…” icon, navigate to the location that you have saved the new Firmware package and select it.


REFU’s Firmware packages have the file extension “.rfwps


Click on “Update” icon.

A message will appear informing you that you should not update solar inverters if time is close to sunset.

Then click on “Update” again.

Update procedure

Updating has two stages:

  1. Uploading new Firmware from PC to inverter
  2. Inverter is updating (burn)

Time for update 3 minutes
During the update procedure, display  and LED’s of
inverter will go “On” and “Off” and change status
various times.

Do not switch off the device!

Firmware Update Successful

Once update is over, a message will appear.

Click “OK” and REFUset will reconnect to inverter.

New Firmware installed

After the automatic restart of REFUset you can see the new Firmware package version.

The previously set country-, gridvoltage- and communicationparameters are retained.

Actual Dates of the Inverter

Please check the live data