REFUsol 20K … 33K-2T
New flexibility meets compatibility.


  • Two MPP trackers
  •  Lightweight design
  •  Compatible to legacy REFUsol inverters


The completely new range of REFUsol 20K…33K-2T inverter is developed for a maximum of flexibility in commercial and industrial PV systems.

With two MPP trackers, each system design can be realized, including different orientations and tilts. Compact dimensions paired with a high power density per weight gives more installation location flexibility – on the rooftop or on ground mounted systems. With two power classes of 20 kVA and 33 kVA, it fits to any mid-size project.

The RS485 and the Ethernet interface can be connected on the same RS485 Bus or Ethernet network for Park Control applications without the need for reconfiguration. Therefore, the devices are also best suited for repowering of existing PV plants equipped with REFUsol inverters.

The integrated dry contact for the external grid protection can avoid the installation of an external coupling switch. Four digital inputs support the EEG feed-in management (i.e. 0 %, 30 %, 60 %, 100 %).

The REFUlog monitoring portal comes for free with each inverter during the warranty period of 5 years. The Ethernet connection for easy integration into the local network comes as standard, an optional Wifi-stick plug is available as accessory.

Important data at a glance

REFUsol 20K-2T REFUsol 33K-2T
Max. input voltage 1,100 1,100
Full power MPPT voltage range (V) 480...850 580...850
Rated power, 400V, 50Hz (kW) 20 33
Max AC power 400V, 50 Hz (kVA) 22 36.3

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