REFUsol 100K

Commercial and Industrial PV Systems
1 MPP tracker
Support the EEG feed-in management
Integrated, fail-safe Ethernet daisy chain (or RS485) interface
Best Serviceability, by simple 2-box field installation
Robust design for all outdoor conditions

With one MPP tracker, a system design for shade-free PV installation can be realized, including different orientations and tilts. Compact dimensions paired with a high power density per weight gives more installation location flexibility – on the rooftop or on ground mounted systems. Different orientations and tilts are realizable, flexible mounting angle between 0°(vertical) and 90° (horizontal). The roomy ConnectionBox is available with either fused direct string connections for decentralized designs, or with single DC input for centralized designs.


REFUsol 100K inverter can be connected to any grid voltage between 200 and 480 VAC, offering maximum power between 48 and 100 kVA.

Best Serviceability, by simple 2-box field installation system 

The ConnectionBox and the PowerUnit are separated. The ConnectionBox is first installed and wired, while the PowerUnit is added shortly before commissioning. The weight is therefore reduced at mimium to 25 kg. This reduces the amount of personnel required for installation and thereby optimizing your investment and project cash flow. It also offers easiest serviceability – the PowerUnit can be quickly detached from the ConnectionBox for trouble shooting and measurements – without disconnecting the power cables on the DC or AC sides.



The inverter can be commissioned via the REFUset app (available for iOS and Android) which connects seamlessly via Bluetooth® to the inverter. The integrated, fail-safe Ethernet daisy chain (alternatively RS485) allows cost efficient high-speed monitoring without special accessories. Each inverter can be individually connected to the REFUlog portal for remote monitoring, configuration, and updates.
The REFUlog monitoring portal comes for free with each inverter during the warranty period of 5 years.

Important data at a glance

REFUsol 83K (380VAC) REFUsol 88K (400VAC) REFUsol 92K (415VAC) REFUsol 98K (440VAC) REFUsol 100K (460VAC)
Max. DC voltage (V) 1,100 1,100 1,100 1,100 1,100
MPPT range at nominal power (V) 555...900 585...900 640...900 640...900 695...900
AC nominal power (kW) 83.3 88 92 97.5 100
AC nominal voltage (V) 380 400 415 440 460

Important data at a glance

Download REFUsol 100k

Certificate ( PDF / PDF / PDF / PDF / PDF / PDF )
Datasheet ( EN / DE / FR )
Operating Manual ( EN / DE / FR )

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